How to Move to the UAE

Just moved to the UAE and looking for a house? Relocating can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. The UAE is a modern country that provides tax-free salaries and warm sunshine all year round. With rental prices dipping, you can expect to find excellent property deals on Yalla Deals! Here’s my quick guide to relocating (based on my personal experiences): 

1- Check ACs and make sure there are no leaks and ask the agent or landlord when was the last time the ACs were serviced and the filters replaced. The UAE has a hot climate, and this is perhaps the most crucial thing on your checklist. If the property is brand new, you can skip this step. 

2- Make sure all sinks and taps are in working order. Ask the landlord to fix any leaks before moving in. Check the grouting in the kitchens and bathrooms as well.  

3- As a new tenant, you are entitled to a fresh coat of paint. If you see any smudges, cracks, or peeling paint, ask the landlord to repaint the house before moving in. When vacating the premises in the future however, you need to return the property in the same condition prior to the contract’s start date. 

4- Make sure all lighting fixtures work and ask the landlord to replace any blown bulbs. Before making a decision, ask the neighbors about the electrical wiring to see if they suffer from constant, blown bulbs (if possible). Also, ask them about the property in general. Find out if they have experienced any problems. 

5- Check the floor grouting and ask the landlord to either clean the grouting or, have it completely redone. Also, check the floors for any cracks and ask them to be replaced (if possible). 

6- Check the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms.